Stranded to safety, from strife stricken Jaffna

ICRC brings stranded to safety from strife stricken Jaffna

Sunday, August 27, 2006

"We heard shelling. We went to Jaffna for a family reunion, and for Nallur temple annual festival. But we went to the temple very briefly when the curew was lifted. Curfew was imposed in Jaffna from August 11th 2006. The warring parties must have informed the civilians, if they wanted to start fighting wit each other. The innocent civilians got affected, when they started to bomb, shell and shoot. The civilians of Jaffna are suffering endlessly due to the recent violence. I have relatives still living in Jaffna. I am worried about them" says Premasutha Thavanathan (46) of United Kingdom, who is working as an Immigration officer at the Heathrow airport